Welcome to the Our Button Blog

Welcome to the brand new Our Button blog – we will be regularly using this area of the site to keep visitors informed of upgrades to our systems, and providing information relevant to UK businesses.

Be sure to return often, and as always, do feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and comments – we’re always happy to hear from you!

System upgrades – September 2008

For our debut post, we are delighted to inform you of some exciting changes to business websites listed on our site; firstly, we have added image gallery functionality, which allows users to add multiple pictures to a dedicated page, complete with thumbnail previews, and enlarged images which will appear when the former are clicked on. Furthermore, users can add a description of the gallery contents.

You can view an example of a gallery page here.

Secondly, we have improved the news posting facility on customer websites by adding a new area to contain stories, with the latest post displayed on the site’s home page. Posting news stories in this manner is quick and easy, and will allow users to draw attention to a limitless range of information about their business – for example; product launches, special offers, new premises. In fact, the opportunities for promotion are truly endless! Don’t forget that all news items are automatically added to an RSS (or “Really Simple Syndication”) feed, so visitors can always be kept up-to-date.

We constantly strive to improve our system whenever we can and deliver the best possible value for money to our customers, so do keep checking here for information about the latest updates.

Coming soon…

We will soon be adding even more features to the site, including 60-day free trials, which will allow visitors to see for themselves how easy our system is to use, and get their own business website up and running in minutes.

We’re sure that once you start using Our Button, you’ll quickly appreciate what additional value it can bring to your business.

With our current promotion offering an incredibly low price of just £150 per site per year at the end of the trial period, there really is no reason not to sign up today and create your own website on Our Button!

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  1. Debbie Heath says:

    I would like to say what a great innovation the OURBUTTON.COM web site is … being easy to update ourselves thereby keeping my clients informed about various fiscal matters together with holiday information etc. I have gained new clients though the system as it is easy to find on the search engines … Well Done !

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