Tuesday 22 October 2019

Best of the Best WIN your DREAM CAR

Direct Bikes 

may not be one of the most famous names in two-wheels but it is a surprising bestseller in the UK, with more scooter registrations than any other manufacturer.

   The reason for Direct Bikes’ success is not complicated with the brand’s extremely low list prices for its scooters, as well as a delivery service that sees your new scooter get delivered to your door, its major selling points.

   Scooter riders are generally young, with low capacity two wheelers extremely popular with 16-year-olds and those new to the road. And with 16-year-olds not being famed for their large bank accounts, the business model is one that’s worked for the brand since it launched (something that’s helped by the fact that Direct Bikes are also cheap to insure as well).

Direct Bikes deals exclusively with 125cc or 50cc models, ranging from typical sporty-looking scooters to other more retro, Italian-inspired models.

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to own a Direct Bikes scooter  CLICK THE  BANNER BELOW TO VISIT OUR MAIN WEBSITE AND SEE OUR FULL RANGE      

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