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Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of using Our Button

Why should I join?
While we don't want to sound immodest, Our Button is quite possibly the best marketing tool your business will ever use!
I've been looking at online business directories - how are you different?
At Our Button we wanted to create a system for our users that was very different to the usual fare of online business directories - our mission is to give you much more! For example, most directories only allow you to modify very basic information about your business...we give you a whole website to work with, with a host of advanced features to promote your business or services. But that's not all - we want to give our users the widest possible range of marketing tools to maximise their exposure on the Web, and stay in touch with their customers. Interested? Why not find out more about our services.
What other differences are there between Our Button and trade directories?
While we recommend you use FREE trade directories to promote your business, Our Button only has its contributors on its pages, and is also clutter free - we do not include information about local events, historical sites and so on, but instead we concentrate on YOUR business.
That's great, but does my business really need a website?
There's no question that the World Wide Web has truly revolutionised communication, and business itself - and represents the single biggest advance in Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) marketing in recent history. Virtually any organisation can benefit from an online "shop front" that is open 24 hours a day, all year round, which promotes products and services locally, nationally, and of course, globally. With so many consumers now using the Web to look for the services they require, rather than resorting to more traditional methods such as telephone directories, there really is no reason not to get online!
But isn't it expensive to set up a business website?
You may have heard of, or even experienced at first-hand, web development companies charging large sums to "build" sites. As the web design industry is largely unregulated, quality and pricing structures can vary enormously, and you might well find yourself being quoted hefty sums for additional services such as domain name registration, "hosting" and updates to your content. However, at Our Button we charge a low £150 per year for a website, with no set-up or hosting fees. We feel this represents fantastic value-for-money, and of course, you won't ever have to pay anything to update your information!
What size of business is Our Button most beneficial for?
We are absolutely convinced that Our Button is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes - from Sole Traders and SMEs to multinational organisations. All sizes of business will undoubtedly benefit from the increased exposure to potential customers and clients that our system will bring.
We are a large organisation - is Our Button right for us?
We understand that most large businesses or organisations will already have an established presence on the Web. However why not consider the benefits of giving local branches a dedicated website on Our Button - it could be used to promote their own special offers, and communicate and interact with their local communities on much more personal level.
What else can I use the system for?
The possibilities are endless - for example, you could use your business website on Our Button to recruit new staff, announce special dates, provide details of holiday opening times, and much more...
How will my customers know about my site?
We supply leaflets, and we have PDF downloads to place adverts on your own cards and signage. Additionally, visitors to this site will see your button on the relevant page, and we will also give you advice on other ways to promote your website and business.

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Pricing information

How much does it cost to join Our Button?
Currently, membership of Our Button stands at £150 per year - that's less than 42p (plus VAT) per day!
How long am I paying for?
Yearly, in advance.
When do I pay?
Upon completion of your first website design, through your shopping basket.
Is my payment secure?
We use the secure payment facility provided by Protx. Your card details are encrypted during the payment process using 128 Bit algorithms. We do not store any of your details on our systems - this is handled by Protx.
What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit and debit cards.
Will I receive a VAT receipt?
Yes - you will be emailed a receipt upon completion of your order.
Will I be reminded when my subscription is ending?
Yes! We will email you a reminder 30 days before your subscription is due to end.

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Creating and editing your website

Do I need web programming skills to update my site?
The simple answer is no! No programming skills at all are required to update business websites on Our Button. Our system is extremely easy to use, and as long as you're happy with web-based forms, you'll be fine!
I've already got a website - can I link to it?
Definitely! At Our Button we let our users link to existing websites. We feel that this will allow you to gain the maximum possible amount of exposure for your business on the Web. Don't forget, many "traditional" online business directories will charge you extra to add a link to your site...but Our Button never will!
How often can I update my website?
The great beauty of the Our Button system is that you can modify your information any time you want. This makes it very easy indeed to promote seasonal, weekly or daily offers and much, much more...
Do I have to use the same computer to update my site?
No! You can use any computer that's connected to the Internet! Also, it doesn't matter whether you're on a PC or a Mac either - our system will work just fine on both these popular platforms!
Can other people modify my website?
No! The editing facility is fully password-protected for your security.

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Measuring your website's success

Can I see how often my site is visited?
Yes! Once you have created a website on Our Button and log in to your account, you will be able to view statistic on how your site is doing. This useful information will enable you to measure the effectiveness of your content. For example, do you see an increase in visitors or sales when you promote a special offer or service?

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