Wednesday 25 May 2022

SHOES FOR YOU from Start-Rite Cosy Feet & more

At Start-Rite Shoes, designing children’s shoes is what we do.. We’re proud to create shoes that are the best thing parents can do for little feet. With constant innovation, we work with biomechanics experts to create shoes that not only support a child’s developmental needs, but also their lifestyle needs. Our extensive range is built around four ideals:

  • Child-specific precision fit in whole, half and multi-width fittings.
  • Targeted flexibility for natural movement at every life stage.
  • Intelligent protection precisely where its needed.
  • Niggle-free comfort on any terrain



  Welcome to Cosyfeet. We started in 1983 with a simple idea - to make attractive, extra roomy footwear for swollen feet. Since then we've expanded our product range so there's something for everyone including ultra comfy socks and hosiery, premium foot-care solutions and innovative mobility products. 

  Cosyfeet footwear is probably the widest, deepest and roomiest you can buy. All our styles are made with an extra-wide fitting of EEEEE+ for women and HH+ for men and because they’re extra deep, all our styles are suitable for swollen feet. We can also fit wide feet, problem toes, bunions, bandaging, mis-shapen feet and orthotics.

  Thanks to the extra depth and width there’s plenty of room for your feet so you can order your usual shoe size.

  Many of our styles are adjustable so they’re ideal if your feet swell up during the day or if one foot is more swollen than the other.

  We're passionate about providing the best products and service possible which is why thousands of people shop with us and over 11,000 Health Professionals recommend us to their clients.

  Over the last 30 years we've had the pleasure of helping our customers find comfort. We look forward to helping you too.


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