Monday 17 December 2018

Selsey Carpet Cleaning

Your Questions Answered!

  • Q.  How often should my carpets be cleaned?

A.  See Below

                                      Heavy Traffic Areas        Thorough Deep Clean

Light Soil                         12-18 months               Every 2 years

Normal Soil                      6-12 months                Annually

Heavy Soil                        3-6 months                  Every 6 months

Extreme Conditions       2-3 months                  Quarterly     

(Light Soil = 2 Adults, Normal Soil = Families, Heavy Soil = Families with pets, Extreme Conditions = Large Families with Multiple Pets)

  • Q.  Why?

A.  99% of carpet beetles, flea eggs, animal dander, mould, dead skin and bacteria, etc will be removed using our methods.  Carpet neglect leads to permanent wear, substandard appearance and a waste of money. Having carpets thoroughly deep cleaned regularly means the air quality in your home will be much improved. It also helps prolong the life of your carpets.

  • QAre there any other reasons why I should have my carpets or upholstery cleaned?

A.  As you are probably aware, outdoor air also contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes and hundreds of other chemicals.  When you and your family come into your home, you are carrying those pollens, bacteria and other chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing and shoes.  Not surprisingly, all those chemicals, pollens and bacteria wind up in your carpet or on your upholstery. If you suffer from allergies or any breathing problems - one major source of your problem could be the pollens, fungus and chemicals in your carpets or upholstery.

  • Q.  Why should I have my Mattress cleaned?

A. 45% of all homes (12 million in the UK) have a serious dust mite problem and vacuuming will only remove around 5-10% of dust mites.  Dust mites loves humidity, warmth and the safety a mattress brings. 85% of people with asthma are sensitive to dust mites.

  • Q. How often should I have my mattress cleaned?

A. Ideally every 4-6 weeks

If you still have any questions that have not been answered or if you would like any advice, please give us a call on 0845 116 7225.