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LAYBROOK Adjustable Beds

 Laybrook are MANUFACTURERS of adjustable beds. We make good sleep and relaxation an affordable reality with our range of electric-powered adjustable beds and ergonomic mattresses. Comfort is possible! Our electric adjustable beds will help you achieve the "stressless body position".

Your health is important

We spend a third of our lives in bed - and even longer relaxing. That could be 140 hours a week! That's why a comfortable bed is so important.

The average bed will deteriorate by 75% after 8 to 10 years. So it's vital that you invest in a quality, well designed bed that offers you a lifetime of comfort. Look no further than Laybrook - quality at an affordable price.

Medically approved beds

Our beds are medically approved - whether you suffer at night or not. If you suffer from Back problems; Arthritis; Insomnia; Asthma; Hiatus Hernia; Swollen Ankles; Diabetes; Circulation Problems; Respiratory Conditions; Certain Heart Conditions; High Blood Pressure; Certain Neck and Shoulder Conditions; Chronic Neck and Shoulder Conditions; All Terminal Medical Conditions; Spondolosis; Parkinsons Alzheimers and many more

Massage function

Each bed can include a massage function, for a deep, relaxing massage that's ideal for muscular or joint pain, arthritis and circulation problems.                                                                                                        


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