Tuesday 23 July 2024

Latest news from 247 Creative

New Website for Jean Warren


247 Creative is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new website for talented stage, screen and television actress, Jean Warren.

The brief was simple - to design a website that would act as an online "business card", and provide contact information, as well as a summary of productions that Jean had worked on in a career that has spanned over 30 years. Many of the film and television projects she has been involved in have since become widely regarded as classics; such as Boys from the Blackstuff, As Time Goes By, Only Fools and Horses and The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle to name but a few.

The site has been built to current W3C standards for accessibility, and features fully valid XHTML and CSS coding - and a number of subtle design flourishes have been included for added visual effect, such as a rather natty scrollable display of film and television stills, inspired by Apple's CoverFlow technique.

We wish Jean all the very best with her continued work.

New website for aegis estate agents

247 Creative is delighted to announce that aegis-uk.com has gone live - this is a new website for Sunbury-based estate agent Aegis, and provides details about the company , and of course, full listings of the properties available for sale or rental.

The brief was to design a website that was extremely easy to use by visitors, and gave the company a powerful solution to manage numerous aspects of their business. To that end, we have built a content management system that features an AJAX-enabled administration area to control all the functionality and content on the site. Users can be kept up to date on the latest properties on offer through an RSS news feed, by subscribing to an HTML email newsletter, or by browsing the relevant listings.

The site also has a number of advanced components, such as PDF property information brochures which are generated on-the-fly, and a "property gallery" that can display a full-screen slideshow of homes, suitable for display on the company's in-branch plasma screens.

The design has been based around the company's existing branding, and is clean, bright and easily-navigable.

The site has been built with best practices for usability, accessibility and search engine optimisation in mind, and as such features fully W3C standards-compliant XHTML and CSS coding, and is based on a comprehensive bespoke management system which uses the PHP scripting language and a scalable MySQL database architecture.

We are hugely pleased with the system we have developed for Aegis estate agents, and wish the company every success with their new online presence.

artist-afloat.com goes live!


247 Creative is delighted to announce that artist-afloat.com has gone live! The site was commissioned by Chichester-based artist Shirley Faure to promote her new book Afloat on the Dutch waterways, which chronicles her journey through the canals of Holland and Belgium on board a Linssen Sturdy 410 motor yacht.

The book is liberally illustrated with over 300 of Shirley's superb sketches and watercolours - these are further punctuated with entertaining and enlightening observations and anecdotes about the rich history, architecture, wildlife, and of course, nautical pursuits in this most magical area of northern Europe.

The site has been built with best practices for usability and accessibility in mind, and as such features fully W3C valid XHTML and CSS, and Flash-based galleries of Shirley's artwork - we have also added a facility for visitors to buy copies of the book online, and checkout using the PayPal system.

We wish Shirley the very best of luck with the launch of her fine book, and every success with her continued artistic pursuits.

Our Button goes live!


When is a business directory not a business directory? When it's Our Button...

247 Creative is delighted to announce that Our Button has gone live - the site, built for a local Chichester client provides users with a powerful suite of online marketing tools to promote their businesses to a wide audience.

Our Button will allow users to set up their own websites, courtesy of a powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use Content Management System; in other words, they will be able to log in to a private area on the site at any time of day and modify their information, set up news stories, or add images. For example, this facility could be used to promote a time-limited special offer or sale.

The system will also allow users to change the look and feel of their site in seconds, and as many times as they want, through a series of professionally-designed templates. Users will also be able to download personalised business stationery, such as business cards or flyers, and receive free marketing advice from the team at Our Button.

We love the simplicity of the site, and are pretty confident that users will be able to create their own business website in a matter of minutes - and avoid paying considerable fees for hosting and domain registration...can't be bad!

The site has been built with usability and accessibility in mind, and as such features fully W3C valid XHTML and CSS coding married with powerful PHP scripting and a robust MySQL database. Our Button also makes use of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), JavaScript effects and RSS news feeds. We have hosted the site on one of our ultra-reliable UK-based Linux servers that combines unparalleled speed with raw power.

We wish the team at Our Button every success with this exciting venture!

Our Button: Business websites in minutes


247 Creative has begun the development of ourbutton.com on behalf of a local Chichester client. The site will give users the chance to develop their online presence with the utmost of ease and set up business websites in minutes, courtesy of the system's functionality.

Users will be able to modify their information at any time, and their Our Button website will be just one component out of a suite of powerful marketing tools that will be offered.

The system will be ideal for businesses who don’t already have a website and are looking to get their company’s message onto the Web at large with minimal outlay and hassle. However, for those who already have an established site, Our Button will represent a useful adjunct to their overall marketing strategy through the additional exposure it will undoubtedly generate.

It will go far beyond the scope of the traditional online business directory and provide its customers, no matter what industry sector they are active in, with invaluable methods of promoting their products and services to a potentially enormous audience.

The system will be powered by the combination of the PHP (HyperText Preprocessor) technology coupled with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to deliver a solid, responsive user experience.

Our Button will be launched in the UK in Q3 2007.