Monday 10 December 2018

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                                              LILY CHARMED

   After a successful career in television production, including Strictly Come Dancing, Lily Charmed was launched in 2011 by Lucy Lee with aim of satisfying her passion for creativity and storytelling while providing a balance between work and a busy family life with two young children. (That was the ideas at least!). Now a fully-fledged mum-preneur Lily Charmed is just as demanding, yet just as rewarding as either of her kids.

   We now design and manufacture a growing range of quality silver and gold plated charm jewellery that includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks.  Our exclusive yet simple designs allow Lily Charmed jewellery to be worn and cherished every day, while for an added personal touch, customers can choose between one of our own message cards or create their own.

   We believe creating individual gifts on-line should be simple and fun so with  our Create Your Own Jewellery drag and drop page customers can experiment by creating their own charm cluster necklaces. With a mixture of traditional and quirky charms as well as a range of add-on birthstone charms collection there’s something  for everyone.    When you wear Lily Charmed jewellery we want you to remember the person  and the sentiment behind your gift.