Saturday 20 July 2024

Celebrity Messages

Send a funny Celebrity video Message to mobile phones or email.

Personalized Celebrity Video Messages are brilliant for all manner of businesses and companies because you write the script!!
if you want to start an attention grabbing promotion campaign? Or send a message, to any number of people,  but also want to be original, lighthearted, memorable, creative, and informative....
Then this is for you!!

Ideal for - Promotions, Events, Reminders, Campaigns, Announcements, Messages, News updates etc;

A universal greeting is an 'off the peg' message for special ocassions like 'Birthdays' or' Get Well' and costs just 1.49 for mobiles or FREE using Celebrity ecards

And how about having a Celebrity tell you when your phone is ringing. Listen to the hilarious celebrity ringtones at the link above.

Famous Celebrities delivering your important messages to mobile phones and emails using funny animated sound alike videos.

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