Wednesday 22 May 2019

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  There has never been a better time to begin taking care of your skin.The world of beauty is at an unsurpassed high in terms of effectiveness and product choice. We love beauty products and because we have the knowledge and experience to sort out the good from the bad and the ugly, we are proud to bring ranges that we truly believe to be effective and luxurious.

  Chosen from the most prestigious salons, spas and cosmetic houses around the globe, there is nothing that hasn’t been tried and tested first. And if it works for us, we’re happily confident it will work for you too.  

  Marine, herbal, plant or mineral bases mingle with super high-tech skin loving goodies. We also offer an individual advice line so you can get expert advice before you buy.

  Womens Fragrances and perfumes from an array of designer and luxury brands such as Molton Brown, Caudalie, Calvin Klein and Neom. Whether you are looking for a strong woody fragrance or a floral delight, we have the range to cater for all tastes and moods.  

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